Why is Oz Dreamin' Not a Free Event?

You may be asking why Oz Dreamin is not a free event, and maybe that makes you a bit hesitant to attend.  While we have kept the ticket price as low as possible, because we want you all to be able to attend, we wanted to be as transparent as possible about this process.

We need to provide a venue.  We had to find somewhere large enough to fit approximately 150 plus people, made up of a big room for the keynote, demo jam and closing sessions, and a smaller room so we could run two sessions at once to be able to provide great content for different users, admins and developers.

Food and Drinks.  To make the most of the day, we are offering lunch when you arrive, afternoon tea and then drinks at the end of the event.

Organisation.  We need to pay for various things – printing agenda booklets, audiovisual equipment, photographer, speaker attendance costs, etc.  All to make your experience is good as we possibly can.  The Organising Committee organise this event on their own free time and don’t receive payment.

The event is organised by the Community so we don’t have any money to start with.  So, we need sponsors as well as paid tickets to finance it all.

By buying your ticket and attending Oz Dreamin, it is you who makes it all possible and contributes to a wonderful event.